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We have been committed to making our guests comfortable over 100 years.

Open this Web site. (2019/12/5)

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We try to be clean and safe.

"The sound of the mountain wind , The murmuring of a stream, The birds singing" greet you.

YAMADAYA is a traditional ryokan 100 years ago. You can see the craftsman's playfulness and lost glass skills.

large public bath
Stone Bath & Tiled Bath

3722 Minobu, Minobu-cho, Minamikoma-gun,Yamanashi 409-2524, Japan GoogleMaps

Railway & City bus
JR Minobu Station - Minobusan Bus Stop

Note: Yamadaya is in front of the bus stop.
Long-distance bus from Tokyo
Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal - Minobusan Bus Stop
Motor vehicle (from Tokyo, from Kofu)
The Futaba Junction - Shimobe-hayakawa Interchange - Local road
*Local road
Prefectural Road 8 (go South) - "Minobubashi higashi" crossroads - Prefectural Road 8 - "Minobu Overpass East" crossroad - Prefectural Road 804 - Monnai Shopping Street

Motor vehicle (from Shizuoka, from Nanbu)
Shinshimizu Junction - Nanbu Interchange - Local road

*Local load
National Route 52(go North) - "Odafunahara" crossroad(turn Left)* - "Kuonji Temple Ent."cross road(turn Left) -Prefectural Road 804 - Monnai Shopping Street

* Be careful not to overlook

There are Parking across from YAMADAYA.
*Large buses can also be parked.

Charging station is in front of the parking lot.

All rooms are Japanese-style rooms(tatami mats) separated by fusuma (sliding paper-covered doors).

In-room amenities & Toiletries
Yukata(casual cotton kimono), Hanten(japanese short coat), bath towel, face towel, Hair dryer, Toothbrush and toothpaste, Two-in-one shampoo, body wash

Room service by coffee shop ONRIN, Free wifi, Single use is possible, Transportation service (Minobu station/Kuonji Temple), Available without meals

Accommodation fee for Adult
Adults are 13 years and older.
for Adult
with half board\13,550 – \15,000(inc. tax)
with dinner\11,550 – \13,000(inc. tax)
with breakfast\8,820 – \10,250(inc. tax)
without meals\6,800 – 8,250(inc. tax)
Dinner\5,400(inc. tax) –
Breakfast\2,700(inc. tax) –
Lunch\3,150(inc. tax) –

Accommodation fee for Child
Children from 3 to 12 years old.

for Child
with half board (same adult)\12,550 – \14,000(inc. tax)
with half board (for child)\10,250 – \11,550(inc. tax)
with dinner\8,600 – \9,900(inc. tax)
with breakfast\7,150 – \8,500(inc. tax)
without meals\5,500 – 6,800(inc. tax)
Note: One child under 2 years per adult will be free of charge for co-sleeping.
(without dinner & bedsheets)
*Optional bedsheet: \2,600(in.tax)
child dinner\3,100(inc. tax)
child breakfast\1,650(inc. tax)

Hotel Fee are subject to change without notice.

Reservation & Contact
Please contact us by phone.

Phone number : +82-556-62-0046


for Group
Group rates are available for parties of 10 and over.
Charge with two meals for one person is \10,000(inc. tax). Vacancy can be checked by phone.

Phone number : +82-556-62-0046

Fee for Group (for person)
All plans with meals include half board.
child [6–12 years] \ 8,000(exc.tax)–
child [6–12 years] (with child meals)\7,000(exc.tax)–
child [3–5 years] (with child meals)\5,000(exc.tax)–
child [3–5 years] (without meals)\2,000(exc.tax)–
child [0–2 years] Free
without meals
We only accept cash.

Lunch (for Group)
We accept lunch reservations
Lunch Only\2,500((exc.tax)–

Please taste precious coffee & Curry of ONRIN.

Coffee Shop ONRIN
ONRIN is a coffee shop next to the YAMADAYA.
The coffee bean is from that famous shop "INODA" in Kyoto.
8:00 - 18:00 (Warm season / Mid-March to mid-October)
8:00 - 17:10 (Cold season / mid-October to Mid-March)

(Extend if there is a reservation)

ONRIN Original Curry and TORORI-YUBA-DON are recommended.
TORORI-YUBA-DON is traditional Rice bowl using specialty of minobu (YUBA/Shiitake mushroom).
(YUBA is tofu skin.)

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